New forwarder for German partner

Within the B2B activities of Acraft professionals we present another success in the form of securing the development and production of a new forwarder for a German partner.

"Along with the development and search for new foreign opportunities in direct sales for our partners, we are also dedicated to the long-term development of cooperation. One of the successes of this activity is, among other things, the newly developed and manufactured forwarder for the German partner from STS Olbramovice," says Pavel Jahoda, Managing Director of Acraft professionals s.r.o.

In the area of cooperation, Acraft professionals has long offered cooperation, either as a consultant or in actively seeking business opportunities, especially in the field of engineering. One of the partners with whom the company has been cooperating for a long time is the Czech producer of agricultural equipment STS Olbramovice. This Czech company, along with offering its own feed wagons and bale splitters, also offers cooperation.

Due to the mediation of the contact Acraft professionals, STS Olbramovice has been successfully developing cooperation with a German partner engaged in the production and sale of forestry equipment, including forwarders, for several years. The foreign partner redirects part of its production capacity to the Central Bohemia region.

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"Our role in this eventuality is not only to mediate the opportunity between the two companies, but also to ensure communication, mediate the transfer and acceptance of specifications, technical data, documents and other necessary internal or legislative documents," specifies Pavel Jahoda.

Due to this activity, the German partner was able to introduce a new 6 t capacity forwarder with a tandem chassis for better copying of the terrain and unevenness in the forest at the turn of last year and this year. The forwarder is also equipped with a working arm manufactured directly by the German partner.

The machine is expected to be used especially by small and private foresters or forest owners in difficult hilly conditions.

"After initial testing of the machine, the German partner is satisfied and has confirmed orders for more of these machines during this year," adds Pavel Jahoda.

We are pleased with the development of the cooperation between the two companies and believe that it will continue and develop successfully.

If you are also considering offering cooperation in the field of engineering and do not know how to do it, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will not pay anything for an initial non-binding meeting and find out how we can be of assistance to you.

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