New ROZMITAL dealer in Switzerland

The DACH, or German-speaking region, has long been a priority area for ROZMITAL. Especially the foothills of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and small and medium-sized farmers are an opportunity for ROZMITAL and its range of machines. That is why we are delighted with the success of the expansion of the brand's sales network with a new dealer in Switzerland.

"We made contact with our partner Land und Baumaschinen Service during the autumn. The good news for us was that he actively approached us with an inquiry for cooperation. This was followed by a personal meeting with the owner of the company, Andreas Lehmann, during the Agritechnica trade fair, where we also presented our new products to him," says Pavel Jahoda, Managing Director of Acraft professionals s.r.o., adding, "The new partner joined the ROZMITAL sales network at the beginning of the new year and has been very active since the beginning."


The partner introduced the machines at the local Agri Messe Thun exhibition in March and at the end of March, as part of its celebration of 25 years on the market, announced a promotion on the machines where local farmers could buy them at a 25% discount. He then presented the machines at his company birthday party to his existing customers who attended the event.

"We believe that we will successfully develop our cooperation in the years to come and thanks to our new partner ROZMITAL will gain more awareness and recognition in the country. At the same time, as Acraft professionals, we are fulfilling our goals of developing and managing our client's business network," says Pavel Jahoda.

The development of the business network from Europe is a clear advantage and argument for cooperation of other Czech producers of agricultural and other equipment with Acraft professionals s.r.o. The role of Acraft professionals s.r.o. is to save Czech companies the time associated with building and developing a network and the costs associated with creating or expanding a sales team.


"Most often we cooperate with our clients on the so-called hybrid model. So basically the client has some contacts or partners, and by working with us they get access to new partners. Whether they keep the management and care of their contacts under their own control or hand them over to us is up to the preferences of each company," says Pavel Jahoda.

The form of cooperation also has advantages for foreign dealers and sellers. By joining the Acraft professionals network, they will quickly gain access to products and related services of major Czech manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

"With the cooperation models set up and the administrative issues sorted out, a foreign dealer can offer selected equipment very quickly, which is also the case with our Swiss partner ROZMITAL," says Pavel Jahoda.

It is important to mention that Acraft professionals s.r.o. is neither a distributor nor a dealer, i.e. it does not resell machines directly. The company's role is to substitute the sales teams in the form of external cooperation, thus saving Czech companies operating costs. This also creates good price conditions for the dealers, who are not cut by the "long chain" effect on the margin.