SMS CZ celebrated 30 years by launching New Machines

SMS CZ s.r.o., a Czech manufacturer of soil and meadow technology, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023. To mark the occasion, it is introducing the new TALON GREEN deep cultivator for meadows and pastures, the new generation of the FINISHER combined cultivator And let's not forget the new visual identity.

During 30 years of its existence, the company from Rokycany has produced and sold 20 thousand pieces of agricultural equipment to 45 countries around the world. Currently, it operates through a sales network in more than 35 countries. The company is represented from Canada to Australia and New Zealand.

TALON GREEN: new meadow subsoiler

A completely new product in the range of cultivators is TALON GREEN and is designed for deep cultivation and aeration of meadows and pastures without disturbing the vegetation, mixing the soil structure and pulling stones to the surface.

The machine's mechanically adjustable cutter cuts the top layer of the crop, opening up the surface for smooth passage of the straw, up to a depth of 35 cm. There is no tearing or damage to the surface. The support roller then consolidates everything.

The TALON GREEN 300/3 and 300/4 are available with a working width of 3 m and differ in the number of tines, with the TALON GREEN 300/3 being equipped with three straight tines and the TALON GREEN 300/4 with four.

Fixing the tines to the frame using bolts and pressure plates allows the farmer to change the tine positions according to his needs. The tines and re-roller are laterally adjustable and are secured by a shear bolt, or hydraulic locking can be used.

The machine can be equipped with a tubular roller or a Z roller for an aggressive grass cultivation effect. The Z roller is available in a 3 m machine width or segmented, where the segments are located behind the blades.


The new generation of the FINISHER cultivator

The list of product innovations does not end there. The Rokycany company has also launched a new generation of FINISHER cultivator. These machines are used in the first post-harvest soil processing or in minimization technologies where an increased share of crop residues is expected.

The FINISHER 300. FINISHER 400 and FINISHER 520 models with working widths of 3, 4 and 5,2 m have been innovated.

In the new generation of machines, the original peelers with double-wound springs have been replaced by a new type with hydropneumatic overload protection, thus deepening the working depth of the machine to 35 cm. The new generation of machines is also characterised by the extension of the spacing of the working sections, which reduces the risk of the machine becoming clogged with crop residues.

The FINISHER 300 consists of one working frame, while the 400 and 500 versions consists of two working frames, hydraulically folded perpendicular to the machine axis.

The machines are equipped with 3 rows of blades with an axial spacing of 325 mm for the FINISHER 300 and 310 mm for the FINISHER 400 and 520 and a working depth of up to 35 cm.The diameter of the discs of the new FINISHERs remains 51 cm and the axial spacing of the discs is 125 mm. The working speed of the machine can be up to 15 km/h depending on the depth of cultivation and the tractor power.


New visual identity

But it didn't end with the new machines. SMS CZ also introduced a new visual identity. The traditional and dominant SMS letters remained. The combination of red-brown and grey colours continues the existing visual direction and refers to soil and iron, the elements from which SMS CZ products are made and for which they are intended. The bevelled elements of the logo, the length of which shortens from the edge, then adds dynamism to the logo and evokes a sense of movement, just like all machines manufactured in Rokycany. In order to make it clearer what segment the company is dedicated to, the word AGRO was incorporated into the logo, referring to agriculture.