We also program websites

Together with the development of agricultural equipment sales abroad and the building of our own dealer network in Europe, Acraft Professionals also offers its services in the field of marketing and PR. We present you the sales website of the Czech dealer Daservis, completely prepared by our team members.

"The expansion of our original business services to include marketing was a logical step and a solution to our need to use the possibilities of marketing and PR in achieving our business goals and strategies. Moreover, it turned out that just as it is advantageous for some companies to hire our team as an external sales department, it is also advantageous for them to use external marketing services," says Pavel Jahoda, Managing Director of Acraft professionals s.r.o. and adds: "Currently, the company is able to offer those interested in cooperation a comprehensive and complex package of services including communication and promotional activities, but also to listen to and implement individual requests.

This is why the company responded to the demand from Daservis, a small Czech family-owned company dedicated to the repair and sale of agricultural equipment not only in the South Moravia region.

"From the original hobby of repairing friends' farm machinery in their backyards, we worked our way up to the stage 2 years ago where we bought a workshop and equipment and got into it full time. As long as word of us and our services spread around the neighborhood on its own, it was good. Gradually, however, we came across the need to be traceable in the online world, to let people know about us and what we do," says Tomáš Ďásek, the founder of Daservis, describing his motivation.

Therefore, he turned to Acraft professionals s.r.o. with the demand to create a website. "In the first phase of cooperation, we defined with the client what he expected from the website and what his financial idea of the project was. Once we had clarified the boundaries of the cooperation, we started working on it. Our advantage is that we do the programming and content creation in-house. Moreover, the guys on the team know the farming environment, its behaviour and needs, so the work went quickly," says Pavel Jahoda.

This resulted in a new website built on the Wordpress platform, which was the most effective solution in terms of the expected price of the client and the performance of the website. We prepared the site structure, content, responsiveness, etc. The photos were supplied by the client, as well as their logo. In the final stage, everything was tested, proofread and deployed on a domain specially purchased for the client. The client's brief was to be contacted directly by phone or email by anyone interested in repairing or buying the machines. It was not intended to be an e-shop solution with direct sales of goods. Which the new website fulfils.

You can see the result at the url: www.daservis.cz

"Apart from working with wordpress, we have knowledge and experience in programming our own websites including e-shops and admin interfaces, not only from the agricultural sector," says Pavel Jahoda.

From our marketing services, we offer strategic consulting, graphic work, including logo design and logomanuals, custom illustrations, online advertising (PPC, Sklik, soc. networks), advertising, soc. networks, newsletters, promotional materials, printed materials, promotional items, events, work with journalists and more.

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